Monday, June 20, 2011

Fred Rubble Release Party

It's being shaped, logos are designed, laminators are laminating, people are shredding, it's time to make it official. Channel Islands is putting on a Fred Rubble release party this sunday at their Santa Barbara retail store. Wahoo's tacos is catering and word has it there will be a raffle for a new Fred Rubble. Make your way down, enjoy some food, drinks, and have a jolly old time with us! you never know, you might just walk away with a fresh surfboard.... Oh yeah, spread the word to your friends!


  1. so sick i wanta try one dude looks fun

  2. faarkk i wanna be there so i live in like Australia...

  3. Hey your guy's blog is sick! I have noticed hat you guys have many friends from San Clemente. I am moving from New Symyra down to San Diego, do you guys have any friends from there? Do you guys know of any sick surf spots there?